Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Garden 119
Yep. I got a little agressive hardening off my cukes. We don't see failures as much...so here's one for the books.


  1. Well they don't look as bad as the onion seedlings I dumped on the floor. You win some and you loss some I guess.

    They may pull through. I was spraying for bees once, it drifted on my bean seedlings and killed off all the foliage. About a week later they grew new leaves and were off to the races.

  2. They look like they might be able to pull through.... give them a couple of days and see. I'm hardening off tomato plants right now. It's hard because I put them out in the sunlight and then forget about them -- instead of moving them after an hour or two LOL

  3. Hey Dan- You might have been right about my onions...they seem to be bulbing. We'll see.

    Darla- I'm usually an optimist but.... one or two....maybe.

    Judy- That's exactly what I did...left them out and then forgot. I think tomatoes are a little tougher. Cukes are wimps!