Sunday, July 26, 2009

Back at it........

All is well. Just took a little time off to take care of some personal stuff going on in my life........mostly business & a few mission trips to Nicaragua & Honduras again. I felt a little guilty not posting pics from my garden and I think that added to my absence as well.

I'll post some pics of the garden tomorrow, but it's basically done for the season. So much rain! I think the first week in June we got 14" of rain in 5 days....I don't know if you know, but tomatoes don't like 14" of rain in 5 days! We did get a very good harvest this year (despite the rain) and I really pushed my vegetarian wife to brink with all the tomatoes we harvested. But she did keep up! I will say that this summer was our most wasteful garden because we grew so much and had so many new veggies that we didn't exactly know how to deal with the volume. So our goal going forward is to learn and practice canning & freezing methods to handle the bounty! We actually just bought our first canning kit last week and are hoping to wear it out!

The great thing about Florida is that our 2nd growing season in the Fall is just as good as the northerners Summer growing season.............. and so I'm starting to plant my tomatoes & peppers for the Fall garden tomorrow. Is that awesome or what!

Pictures to follow shortly.