Friday, March 20, 2009

New Edition

Yep...I was talked into adding a new addition to the family. It didn't take much actually. Our neighbors (and best friends) got a female Chocolate Lab/mix from the pound yesterday, and when they showed her off to us they mentioned she had a brother there that looked just like her.......bad news for me! So my daughter begged & begged and....well, you know what happened:

"Fenway" is the one with the collar.
aDogs 027

Now since this is a garden blog (and you CAN see the garden in the background behind Samantha & Fenway) I couldn't help but let you peek at my won't be long.
aDogs 045


  1. Well begging or not, I'm sure it's hard to tell that face no. It really won't be long for your maters!

  2. What a gorgeous puppy. I really want a dog but then I start to think about all the work & mess and never take the plunge.

  3. Can you tell me what you use for a seed raising mix(SRM), they look so healthy and I'm having heaps of trouble getting a good SRM.
    I'm assuming you are using peat pots to get them started in.

  4. Beautiful daughter and dog. I stumbled across your site from BOTeleprompter (lol)! I have linked to it now and will follow your progress. My husband's parents lived in Ocala before their untimely deaths many years ago. So we have been there often in the past.

    I think this is a wonderful idea for a blog and site. Thanks for starting it. I look forward to following your garden and your opinions. God bless (yes, I believe in intelligent design - one of the weirdos I suppose).

  5. Darla- As my Pastor always says...."I'm blessed & highly favored"

    Dan the Man- If you can raise a tomato........

    Stew- I use those inert plugs from Park Seed to start the seeds....once they pop up I transplant them into the peat pots with just basic potting soil.....Miracle Grow potting soil the last time.

    Mary- You went back into the archives! I posted on the blog alot to try and generate some traffic.....and it worked. I got about 400 1st time visitors in 2 days....not bad. Visit some of my friends on my blog list.....most have better blogs!

  6. Adorable pups and beautiful daughter! Once again, great pictures. Mind if I ask what kind of a camera you have? Someday I will have my own digital... in the meantime, I use my daughter's Nikon Coolpix L11. We got it for her for Christmas and we're very disappointed with it.

    Your tomatoes look like they have a tiny jump on mine! Not much, though!

  7. April- I just put the biggest tomatoes out in the garden yesterday!

    I have a Cannon 20D with some pretty good lenses.

  8. OK< so they have a HUGE jump on mine! Mine won't see garden dirt til May... but they will be in huge plants. :-) But you have bigger bugs down there!!! (This is how I convince myself that living in MN is superior to everywhere else, even when I have hundreds of plants under growlights in my sunroom. LOL)

    Thanks for sharing your camera info. It helps to give me an idea what to start looking for when I get the opportunity to look for a digital! I have a Canon Rebel SLR now... but haven't used it in over a year because I never get the film developed and it's so much easier to grab the daughter's digital.

  9. Mmmmm. Your tomato plants look great! I can't wait to put mine in - but I need to wait probably 5-6 weeks yet. Sigh.

  10. Film developed!!????? You can still get that done? lol! You know they make a Canon Rebel SLR that's's a great camera.

  11. Dennis,

    You're posting over there worked for me. The Blackberry boy shot got me over here. Killed me.

    All tomatoes, all the time. Got my compost pile incorporated last week and will give it another week or to two break down further and I'm planting as many varieties as I can find. That and habaneros for stupidity.

  12. Jeff- Now Blackberry boy is stalking me! Look at my other posts comments. lol.

  13. I know, I know... My sis has a Rebel SLR digital and I'm very jealous. Working on my covetous spirit...

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